Mindful Breastfeeding Support

Mindful Breastfeeding is a wonderful approach to lactation support and education that supports and prioritises emotional wellbeing and infant-parent relationships. 

Having a calm body and mind helps breastfeeding to be more comfortable and milk to flow. It helps babies to relax and parents to be more responsive - creating a more connected and fulfilling parenting experience.

Practicing the affirmations and guided meditations specially designed for breastfeeding parents can promote milk flow, reduce discomfort for baby and aid baby's sleep. 


Antenatal Breastfeeding preparation courses offer more than the standard breastfeeding know-how, you also get knowledge and tools to support your emotional wellbeing and help to connect with your baby before they arrive. Meaning you're as ready as you can be to feed your new baby. 


one-one postnatal support with mindful breastfeeding information and guided relaxations is also available.