What you will learn

The full 'The Little Birth Company' Complete Hypnobirthing Programme is everything you need to prepare for a positive birth. supporting and preparing you regardless of where or how you give birth. 

It will support you to keep calm and relaxed, to breathe and to enjoy your birth. It will give you practical tools to support you through the intensity of the surges and give you the confidence to make decisions. 

Hypnobirthing doesn't promise you a perfect birth but it does give you the tools to support a positive birth experience. The benefit of practising Hypnobirthing is even when the journey to birth changes, which on occasion it can do, it can support you to stay calm and feel in control.

The tools and techniques you will learn on this course are hugely beneficial for mums to be, birth partners and babies. The relaxation techniques you learn will support you through birth and into parenthood.

This course is provided one-one in your own home or via zoom. 

Full course materials and MP3's included